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However, as baby sun hat the bottle warmer heats up baby bottles gently, it may take up to 1.5 to 2 hours to defrost. That would be depending on the amount of milk you need to warm up. By using the Avent baby bottle warmer, 5 ounces of milk can be warmed up in just 3 minutes. This is a great timing, considering the device uses a water bath technology .

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  • It’s smaller and there are no wires which makes it easier to transport.
  • Just the peace of mind in knowing that you are doing the best you can to keep your little one out of harm’s way is well worth the effort.
  • Its tough durable design ensures the steam sterilizer can be suited for daily use and used for a long time.
  • Also, material limitations may mean that a certain warmer isn’t compatible with a particular baby bottle.
  • The 3-in-1 design is what’s special about this Philips model.
  • Also, powdered infant formula is less likely to become contaminated if it stays dry.
  • And, it gets daunting to research and find the best of the best sterilizer from all these options.

Plus, all three functions can be adjusted through a universal twist-dial. Another recommendation is to sterilize feeding bottles periodically. You don’t have to do the process of sterilizing after every feeding session. However, a sterilizer is not a dishwasher and therefore, it must be used as per the recommended directions. Travel sterilizer for baby bottles never got better and sleeker.

#7 The First Years Power Of Steam Electric Steam Sterilizer

Furthermore, the chamber of this tool can hold up to six bottles. The user-friendly LCD control panel makes operation trouble-free for all. You can sterilize breast pumps and other accessories by using this tool.

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If items are not completely dry, place them on a clean, unused dish towel or paper towel to air-dry thoroughly before storing in an area free of dust or dirt. Completely submerge all of your baby bottle parts, making sure the solution gets into the nipple holes and there aren’t any air bubbles. This is the safest, easiest method for sterilizing your baby bottles.

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They tend to be the quickest and easiest option, especially if you plan on sterilizing items frequently. This compact little steam sterilizer is simple to use with a fast five- to eight-minute cleaning cycle, depending on the microwave setting. It fits four Dr Brown bottles, and although it will fit those of other brands too, they also need to be short-necked bottles.


AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer takes only 20 minutes to complete sterilizing and drying operation with 1060 cubic inches available to accommodate multiple baby bottles and accessories. Also, it comes with 2 removable trays for effective use of the space by separating two tiers using removable trays. This type of sterilizer is very convenient for busy moms since they just need to place the baby bottles inside the unit. However, she needs to dry the bottles off before placing them into the unit since there is no drying function built into the unit.

Philips Avent Sterilizer Bottle Steam Sterilzer, Automation Grade: Fully Automatic, Warranty: 2 Years

This is a very special kind of sterilizer made to sterilize only one bottle. The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer does its job by a heating mechanism. It can heat bottles of all kinds, including straight, wide-necked, angled, and even disposables. Heating the bottle also has the same effect of sterilizing it as the only way to kill germs is through intense heat.